Wild Flowers Provence

Identify wild flowers, trees, shrubs, orchids and other plants in Provence, France.

Environ 2800 photos de près de 700 plantes sauvages.  Comment le voir en français.
Around 2800 photos of nearly 700 wild plants: guide.

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Quercus ilex

Chêne Vert
Holm Oak


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Provence Verte

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20 m


A very common, and sometimes impressive and ancient tree in the Var. The English name ‘Holm’ is an old name for ‘Holly’ as the leaves can resemble those of the Holly; the lower leaves often larger and spiny, the upper leaves narrower, not spiny and often turned over at the edges as a protection against the light and heat of the sun.

The wood is hard and tough, used since ancient times for pillars, tools, vessels, wagons and wine casks. It is used for firewood and to make charcoal.


Male flowers, catkins, are long and yellow.
Female flowers, tiny, grouped together in 1-3’s.


Ovate leaf is egg-shaped, wider at base, Elliptic oval leaf. Leathery, oblong to oval. They can be entire, spiny-toothed or serrated, 2-8 cm.

Fruits Seeds

Nut: Acorn, a hard shelled pod that contains the fruit and seed of the plant; it does not open to release seeds.

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