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Pinus sylvestris

Le pin sylvestre
Scots Pine


Additional information

Plant family


Sainte Baume

Flower colour


Flower size

♀5 mm

Flowering months


Leaf type



36 m


A pine tree of the mountain regions of Europe. On the north facing slope of the Sainte Baume mountain range there is a forest of Scots Pines.

The lower part of the trunk is scaly, dark grey-brown, the upper part is flaky, orange-red.
The seeds ripen in the autumn of the 2nd year and drop out of the cone in spring of the following year.

Scots Pine is an important tree in forestry. The wood is used for pulp and timber products. A by-product of the distillation process is Rosin, used by violinists to rub their bows, and also as a sealing wax and varnish.


The yellow male flowers are cylindrical, close together.
The reddish female flowers are erect, in groups of 1-4.


Needle leaf is narrow, pointed, like a needle, e.g. Pinus. In pairs, pointed, spiralled, 3-7 cm.

Fruits Seeds

Cone: egg-shaped, 2.5-6 cm.


Resin: antiseptic properties. Turpentine oil is obtained by distilling the resin; used in massage oils to treat muscular stiffness, sciatica, rheumatism and in vapour rubs to treat bronchial congestion.

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