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Pinus pinaster

Le pin maritime
Maritime Pine


Additional information

Plant family



Flower colour


Flower size

♀18 mm

Flowering months


Leaf type



36 m


Pyramidal in shape with reddish-brown bark, deeply fissured. The leaves (needles) in two’s are the longest of all the European pines.
The cones are grouped together and stay on the tree several years.

Trees are planted on dunes to combat erosion. The wood is used for timber.

A diagonal cut is made into the trunk to tap the resin, one of the by-products of resin is a good quality turpentine.


The male flowers resemble a round, oblong cone about 8 cm long and 5 cm wide, full of pollen. When the cone is touched the pollen disperses and a stalk with tiny new leaves is revealed. The female flowers are conical, initially dark red at the top of the same branch.


Needle leaf is narrow, pointed, like a needle, e.g. Pinus. In pairs, 18-25 cm, rigid, spine tipped.

Fruits Seeds

Cone: to 18 cm long.


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