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Nerium oleander

Laurier Rose


Additional information

Plant family


Provence Verte

Flower colour



Flower size

30-40 mm

Flowering months





Leaf type



2-6 m


In the Mediterranean region there are pockets of ‘wild’ Nerium oleander, normally not far from the coast, close to a water source. It is normally pink, rarely white in colour.

The ‘cultivated’ Nerium oleander is a common sight in the area. The colours range from white to yellow, apricot, pink, deep pink to nearly red. The hairy seeds are released during wet weather in winter.

Every part of Nerium oleander is poisonous. It contains cardiac glycosides. The poison attacks the stomach, heart and central nervous system causing drowsiness, tremors, seizures, collapse and coma that can lead to death. The sap, if in contact with the skin, can cause blistering, irritation and soreness. Never burn the branches, inhalation of burning oleander can cause, in varying degrees, the symptoms of oleander poisoning.


The tubular flowers are salver shaped, borne in large terminal clusters.


Lanceolate leaf is lance-shaped: long and widest in the middle. Long, wider in the middle, pointed, leathery, pronounced central vein, 5-21 cm.

Fruits Seeds

Follicle: dried up compartments of the ovary, opening on one side to release numerous seeds.

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