Wild Flowers Provence

Identify wild flowers, trees, shrubs, orchids and other plants in Provence, France.

Environ 2800 photos de près de 700 plantes sauvages.  Comment le voir en français.
Around 2800 photos of nearly 700 wild plants: guide.

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Medicago sativa

Luzerne cultivée
Lucerne or Alfalfa


Additional information

Plant family


Provence Verte

Flower colour


Flower size

7-11 mm

Flowering months



Leaf type





40-90 cm


A cultivated clover grown as livestock fodder and as green manure. It self-seeds in open places, next to vineyards, or country roads. Many plants in the Fabaceae family have a relationship with bacteria in the soil. The bacteria take the nitrogen that exists in the air pockets in the soil and feed it through the roots to the plant; in return the plant gives carbohydrates to the bacteria. In green manure the crop is turned under, in doing so, fertilising the soil with nitrogen.


Flowers in 5-40 flowered racemes.


Trifoliate with three leaflets, Elliptic oval leaf, Lanceolate leaf is lance-shaped: long and widest in the middle. Three leaflets, oval to long, pointed. Terminal leaflet is stalked. Tip of the leaves have toothed margins.

Fruits Seeds

Pod: in a cluster, each pod curled into a circle, with a hole in the middle, 5-6 mm.

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