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Malus sylvestris

Pommier sauvage
Crab Apple


Additional information

Plant family


Sainte Baume

Flower colour


Flower size

30-40 mm

Flowering months



Leaf type



8 m


The name Malus sylvestris means ‘Forest Apple’. It was at first thought that the Malus sylvestris was the ancestor of our domestic apple. Not so, our domestic apple came from central Asia, Malus sieversii.

A thorny tree. Wet locations at boundary edge of forests.

Malus sylvestris is sometimes used as rootstock for domestic apples, or planted in apple orchards for pollination purposes.


Flowers, 5 rounded petals, large and fragrant, white inside, flushed with pink outside.


Elliptic oval leaf. Oval, serrated, tapering to a point.

Fruits Seeds

Pome: a fleshy enlarged receptacle with a tough central core containing seeds, green and glossy, 2-3 cm.

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