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Limodorum abortivum

Limodore à feuilles avortées
Violet Bird’s Nest Orchid

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Additional information

Plant family


Provence Verte

Flower colour


Flower size

40-45 mm

Flowering months




Leaf type



40-80 cm


The colouring of this orchid is quite dark, easy to miss. It has no green leaves, just scales and no tubers. Although it possesses photosynthetic pigments (chlorophyll), there are not enough to support an adult plant, hence no green leaves.

It grows close to evergreen oaks and pines in open woodland. It receives its nutrients from mycorrhizal fungi that have a symbiotic association with the roots of evergreen oak and pines.

Another Limodorum can sometimes be found, Limodorum var. trabutianum, smaller, quite rare.


The flowers have violet sepals and petals, they spread outwards and are pointed. The sepals are larger than the petals. The labellum is 14-17 mm long, yellowish, stained with violet.


Scales leaves resemble green scales e.g. Cupressus, Juniperus. Numerous sheathing scale leaves, violet-brown.

Fruits Seeds

Capsule: with numerous seeds.

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