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Lavandula latifolia

Grande Lavande
Spike Lavender


Additional information

Plant family


Provence Verte

Flower colour


Flower size

8-10 mm

Flowering months



Leaf type



30-80 cm


There are 4 native Lavenders in Provence:
Lavandula stoechas, grows near the coast and inland on acid soil.
Lavandula angustifolia, grows above 600 m on calcareous soil.
Lavandula latifolia grows on calcareous soil below 600 m.
Lavandula x intermedia, also called ‘Lavandin’, a cross between Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula latifolia.

In northern Provence, at an altitude of around 600 m, two species of lavender grow, Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula latifolia. From time to time they cross-pollinate, resulting in Lavandula x intermedia, known locally as Lavandin.

Essential oil is produced from all 4:
Lavandula x intermedia produces the most essential oil, commercially used in household products.
Lavandula angustifolia produces the highest quality essential oil, has anti-stress, relaxing properties.
Lavandula latifolia has a small inflorescence compared to the others, in addition, it has a strong camphor smell.
Lavandula stoechas’ essential oil is totally different, its fragrance is more like Rosemary than Lavender.


Similar to Lavandula angustifolia but the flower stalk and the individual flowers are smaller.


Linear narrow blade leaf, like grass. Narrow, 30-60 mm long, 5-8 mm wide. Also linear, but wider than those of Lavandula angustifolia.

Fruits Seeds

Nut: small, brown, enclosed in the calyx.


Essential oil: used as an expectorant or in a massage oil for rheumatic pains.

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