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Dipsacus fullonum

Cardère sauvage
Wild Teasel


Additional information

Plant family


Provence Verte

Flower colour


Flower size


Flowering months




Leaf type



1-2.5 m


Dipsacus fullonum is a biennial. In the first year the plant forms a basal rosette of wrinkled leaves with a pale midrib, in the second year the stem and flowers appear. Both stem and leaves are prickly. Once the flowering is over, whorls of spiny bracts remain.

Woods, riverbanks, often in damp places.

The cultivated Teasel was used up until the 20th century to raise the surface of certain cloth, for example, velvet.


The oval-shaped inflorescence, 4-10 cm long and 3-5 cm wide, is packed with small pink-purple flowers.


Lanceolate leaf is lance-shaped: long and widest in the middle. Basal rosette: long, wider in the middle, undulated, 20-40 cm long, 3-6 cm broad, wrinkled, prickly with a pale midrib.

Fruits Seeds

Achene: a cluster of small, dry one-seeded fruit that does not open to release seed, light brown, ridged, hairy with 4 angles, 5mm.


Root: has cleansing properties, a tonic for liver and stomach and used in the treatment of styes.

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