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Cortaderia selloana

L’herbe de la Pampa
Pampas Grass


Additional information

Plant family



Flower colour



Flower size

panicle 20-40 cm

Flowering months



Leaf type



3 m


Introduced into southern France. Pampas Grass, native to Chilli, Brazil and Argentina, grows in dense tussocks and can reach a height of 3 m. The plant is very prolific; in its lifetime it can produce over one million seeds, hence it is considered an invasive plant and is no longer sold in garden centres.
The name, Pampas grass, comes from the Pampas plains in southern South America. The Latin name is derived from the Spanish word for cutter, cortadera, referring to the sharp leaf margins of this plant; selloana is derived from the name of a German botanist, Friedrich Sellow.
The leaves are used in paper manufacturing, producing a yellow coloured paper.


From the tussocks the flowers emerge in delicate pink panicles which gradually turn creamy-white. The stem grows to 2-3 m tall.


Linear narrow blade leaf, like grass. 1-2 m long, slender, 1 cm wide, sharp edged.

Fruits Seeds

Capsule: tiny, with whitish-pink seeds.

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