Wild Flowers Provence

Identify wild flowers, trees, shrubs, orchids and other plants in Provence, France.

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Chaerophyllum temulum

Cerfeuil penché/enivrant
Rough Chervil


Additional information

Plant family


Sainte Baume

Flower colour


Flower size

2 mm

Flowering months




Leaf type



to 120 cm


Stems erect, purple or purple spotted, swollen below nodes. Often confused with Anthriscus sylvestris but distinguished by its rough and reddish stems. It contains the alkaloid ‘chaerophylline’ which if ingested, sometimes by cattle, causes staggering and dizziness; externally it can cause inflammation of the skin and persistent rashes.

Shady, lightly wooded areas.


The flowers in umbels, nodding in bud, borne on stalks of different lengths.


Bipinnate leaflets on either side of the stem, each leaflet is further subdivided. Leaflets on either side of the central axis, each leaflet further subdivided. Each leaflet is oval in shape and toothed.

Fruits Seeds

Schizocarp: a dry fruit, oblong, slightly ribbed, pointed, 6-7 mm that splits into single seeded parts when ripe.

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