Wild Flowers Provence

Identify wild flowers, trees, shrubs, orchids and other plants in Provence, France.

Environ 2800 photos de près de 700 plantes sauvages.  Comment le voir en français.
Around 2800 photos of nearly 700 wild plants: guide.

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Cedrus atlantica

Le cèdre de l’Atlas
Atlas Cedar


Additional information

Plant family


Sainte Baume

Flower colour


Flower size

♂ 30-60 mm,

♀10 mm

Flowering months



Leaf type



30 m


Originally from the Atlas mountains in Algeria and Morocco, introduced into southern France for timber production. When young the tree is wide, cone-shaped, becoming irregular with age, the top always erect. Flowers in autumn.


The ‘male’ flowers are solitary, cylindrical and yellowish in colour, often with a pinkish tinge. The ‘female’ flower is in the shape of a small cone, greenish-reddish, much less noticeable.


Needle leaf is narrow, pointed, like a needle, e.g. Pinus. In 3 layers, each with 25-30 needles. Each layer represents 1 year of growth.

Fruits Seeds

Cones: erect, almost cylindrical, flat top, 5-8 cm long.

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