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Identify wild flowers, trees, shrubs, orchids and other plants in Provence, France.

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Adiantum capillus-veniris

Maidenhair Fern


Additional information

Plant family


Provence Verte

Flower colour


Leaf type



15-30 cm


The name ‘adiantum’ comes from Greek, meaning ‘unwetted’, referring to the fronds’ ability to shed water without becoming wet. A very delicate-looking fern, easily recognisable. It grows on wet, shady rock faces.


Bipinnate leaflets on either side of the stem, each leaflet is further subdivided. In fronds: leaflets on either side of the stem, each leaflet is further subdivided. The leaflets are fan-shaped on dark-brown to blackish stalks.

Fruits Seeds

Sori: a cluster of spore producing structures.


Whole plant: relieves coughs, acts as a diuretic and expectorant.

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